Silica is a building block.  Made from flint, it is among the most common substances on earth as it is found on the earth’s mantle, as well as among the animal and plant kingdoms.

It gives strength and stability and plants and animals alike depend on it for support and strength.

Silica is found in bones, teeth, hair, nails, glands, our skin, and in mucus membranes. It is responsible for connective tissue strength.  It is vital to a growing fetus and the creation of new cells. Silca has the power to act on all aspects of the human system.

“Silicea is a remedy that speaks to a part of the human condition that is so wide and so deep that the vast majority of humans would have some healing response from taking it.” – Vinton McCabe

When we see weakness and lack of resilience of both the physical and mental-emotional areas, lack of confidence, malnutrition, or any system in the body lacking, we can think of Silicea.  This can be lacking in hair, nails, bones, teeth or even stamina and emotional strength.

Silica is also a powerful remedy to dislodge a foreign object from the system.  Now we are not talking about a metal plate, rather glass shards, splinters, etc.  The types of things that have entered the system and are not supposed to be there.

When one needs Silicea we may see:

  • Hair and nails are weak, thin, and break easily. Too little hair on a baby, thin hair on a child or adult.
  • Indigestion
  • Scoliosis – weak spine/back, the back goes out of adjustment easily.  
  • Toenails with fungus, ingrown, white spots on them, cracks in fingertips & heels, cracks between the toes of sweaty “athletes’ feet.”
  • Boils or abscesses – painful, but not discharging
  • Constipation – large, hard stools & lots of straining
  • Laughter lines & Crow’s-feet
  • Vertical wrinkles in front of the ears
  • Brittle hair & nails
  • Lack of self-confidence. 
  • No confidence in their ability to do the work. Aversion to work.
  • They don’t lack courage, they lack the energy to do it.
  • Despondent & disgusted with life.
  • Filled with anxiety & riddled with fears.
  • All cases of malnutrition.
  • All cases of delayed or depleted healing responses.

Combined with Calc fluor and Calc phos it can help heal a fracture and strengthen teeth.  This is often called the “Teeth Trio” and can be used throughout a child’s growth periods.

It is best not used with Calc sulph as the actions of these remedies are opposite of each other.

Used in 6x potency, this is a slow acting remedy so give it sufficient time to act.

To learn more about Silicea and all 12 Cell Salts, see our recorded Cell Salts Class. If you are unsure if Silicea is a good option for you, feel free to schedule a Strategy Session with us.  We are more than happy to help you determine the best homeopathic remedies to address your chronic conditions.


Disclaimer: Homeopathy doesn’t “treat” an illness; it addresses the entire person as a matter of wholeness that is an educational process, not a medical one. Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice are not accepted as medical evidence and are not FDA evaluated. This is intended for educational purposes only.