Back in September 2019, not only did the nasty flu make its way through my family, but I had the additional layer of battling a case of Shingles.

It began as an intense lower back ache for a few miserable days (for which, unfortunately, chiropractor care wasn’t able to provide relief). My backache then shifted to the front of my torso. One afternoon, I was sitting at my desk, and, out of the blue, my left front torso started to feel like electric shocks were pulsating on my skin. In addition to the nerve pain, my pant waistline was irritating my skin. I lifted my shirt to examine what was causing this unusual pain and, lo and behold, I saw small, dark red, fluid-filled blisters. After comparing my blisters to those online, it was determined that I had a mild case of Shingles.

Shingles is an infection with the Varicella-zoster virus that can produce a painful skin eruption of fluid-filled blisters. Shingles is the re-emergence of the virus that lies dormant in the person’s spinal or cranial nerves after having had chickenpox. When reactivated, it spreads through the nerve to the skin where it produces painful sores resembling the original chickenpox. Most often the blisters appear on the trunk and only on one side, but can also occur on the chest, face, or head.

Fortunately, the Herpes Simplex /Zoster Banerji Protocol came to my rescue and offered real help. 

Immediately, I started dosing Antimonium crudum 6c every three hours (and believe me, I set my alarm clock so that I wouldn’t miss a dose).  At the ready, I had Belladonna 3c (in liquid) and Hypericum 200c for fevers and nerve pain. After 7-10 days of dosing Antimonium crud, my skin blisters had erupted, scabbed over, and were beginning to heal and fade away nicely. Only a handful of times, I needed Hypericum 200c to help with nerve pain.

Thankfully, once eruptions have healed, there is a very small likelihood of them ever reappearing. This usually completes lifelong immunity. 

Whew, I’m ever so grateful for learning about the Banerji Protocols through Practical Homeopathy with Joette Calabrese.

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