At Homeopathy Haven, our mission is to cultivate a community that radiates openness, support, friendliness, and joy. Life’s journey is incomplete without the embrace of community. Understanding the significance of these bonds, we are thrilled to introduce you to Colleen, one of our esteemed VIP members. Hear firsthand why she cherishes being part of the Homeopathy Haven VIP Community.


How did you learn about Homeopathy Haven?

My sister first introduced me to Homeopathy Haven a couple years ago.

We had been looking for a study group for advanced courses that would be structured, concise, organized, and taught in a way that was easy to understand. Not only did Homeopathy Haven meet those expectations, they far exceeded them. Kelly & Lisa offer an environment of learning in which you feel comfortable asking questions, and they are so generous with their wealth of knowledge and gracious with whatever level of learning you are at. They also allow you to repeat their advanced courses free of charge which has proven extremely valuable to me. 

Why did you decide to join VIP?

With this great experience in their advanced study group classes, it was an easy decision to join their VIP membership program. The membership program is the perfect blend of building upon my current level of knowledge and going into a deeper level learning.

What you have learned since joining VIP and how has VIP deepened your learning?

Recently, in our VIP class we focused on really understanding how to use the repertory. This learning exercise has been so helpful to me as I employ what was taught with those that I am assisting with homeopathy. In addition, being a part of the membership program has given me instant access to a tribe of like-minded people through our private signal group. That network of support is priceless, especially when faced with an emergency or an acute situation. 

What is one of your biggest Homeopathy wins?

A short time ago, my son woke up complaining that he was itchy. After looking him over, I didn’t see anything to alarm me, but I gave him the appropriate homeopathic medicines for his symptoms. Hours later, he was still scratching and had started to develop groups of hives on his torso and arms. I employed the same remedies I had been giving him but in higher potencies and more frequently. Other than the itching hives, he had no other symptoms going on. I decided to keep him home from his soccer practice that night because the hives were getting bigger and spreading all over his body. When I saw the hives creeping up the front of his neck and onto his face, I began to get concerned. I quickly reached out to our VIP signal chat to for insight and guidance. In moments of crisis, it’s hard to think clearly and quickly, but having this group provided me with means for the help and support I needed and quickly. 

A few people immediately responded to me offering options and suggestions from their experiences. Once I adjusted the homeopathic remedies to the ones suggested, my son’s hives began to disappear. I was so relieved and fascinated to watch Herring’s Law at work as his hives disappeared from top to bottom. Before he went to bed that night his body was almost completely clear of hives. The next day, his hives began to appear again on just his face. After administering the same remedies as the night before, he was completely cleared up. 

What you’ve found to be one of the most beneficial aspects of being a part of our community?

Kelly and Lisa are always presenting new, fresh topics in our classes, and they always provide valuable resources. They are consistent in their work and are intentional in keeping up with the signal conversation. Their availability and access to their wisdom, experience, and knowledge is one of the best benefits of the membership. Homeopathy Haven has been the best investment I have made into my homeopathy education.


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