“It’s time to take back control over the health and wellbeing of yourself and your family.” 

In 2008, Lisa Rooney and Kelly Harrigan, co-owners of Homeopathy Haven, LLC, met at a Holistic Mom Network’s event in Naperville, IL which centered on bringing women together who shared a common interest in holistic living. Both women immediately connected as they found they shared a mutual passion for raising their young children holistically as well as creating a community of like-minded individuals to support their journey.

Both being lifelong learners and wanting to dive deeper into learning how to use Homeopathy, the holistic duo joined a homeopathy study group with a local practitioner where they studied together regularly.  After two short years of living in the same community, Kelly and her family returned to California and several years later, Lisa and her family relocated to Michigan. Although not physically close, the two maintained their deep friendship. 

Fast forward to 2016, Lisa was invited to join Joette Calabrese’s Gateway to Homeopathy I Study Group. After completing the course and during a vacation out west, Lisa shared the information with Kelly who became excited about the ease of Practical Homeopathy for acute and chronic conditions.

Joette’s passion and the deep extensive knowledge she gained from studying with the Banerji Clinic in India, not only ignited the duo but inspired them to build a small business together which helps educate and empower women and mothers globally. 

The hardworking pair continued their learning by taking many of Joette’s advanced coursework and found continued success using this simplified Banerji Protocol (aka Practical Homeopathy) methodology. 

“Women should follow their intuition and be able to choose which healing path they want to take. Once they have these tools, the fear of not being able to care for and protect themselves or their family dissipates,” Lisa explains. 

Today, their undying passion is to get the Banerji Protocols into the hands of as many people as possible while educating caregivers, mothers, and grandmothers, far and wide. “These protocols have existed for over 150 years. They are safe, natural, effective, and inexpensive, “ shared Kelly. 

Recently, the two helped a concerned mother caring for her young toddler who suffers from severe eczema. The mother also suffered from life-long eczema and as many mothers do, blamed herself for her daughter’s condition. The mother, a student and client of Homeopathy Haven, LLC, implemented the Banerji protocols and her own research, with the support of Strategy Sessions from Lisa & Kelly, to improve her daughter’s condition by 80 percent in just a short time.  This client continues to see improvement and this has given her hope while empowering her to handle her family’s healthcare needs. “Hope and courage are what every mother deserves. Learning Homeopathy creates both,” states Lisa, “and that is what we offer at Homeopathy Haven, LLC.  Our students and clients share these kinds of experiences with us all the time.  It’s such a gift to walk alongside them as they gain this inner strength.”

“What motivates us to teach other moms about Practical Homeopathy, is that becoming educated in this simple and effective technique creates empowerment, courage, and diminishes fear,” Kelly shares. “Being a mother is an extraordinary experience and a major responsibility. A mother’s courage is impacted when she doesn’t know what to do. Practical Homeopathy helps you easily determine the correct course of action to handle whatever ailments you are faced with.” 

A student who walks through this rich education by taking classes and learning with Homeopathy Haven, LLC, gains the ability to know that she or he can handle acute and chronic conditions. From either studying or consulting with Homeopathy Haven, LLC, students gain the necessary skills to better equip them to handle their own healthcare needs. This knowledge puts them in the driver’s seat and provides an invaluable sense of empowerment and freedom.

When this happens, we believe you have truly found a Haven in Homeopathy. 


Disclaimer: Homeopathy doesn’t “treat” an illness; it addresses the entire person as a matter of wholeness that is an educational process, not a medical one. Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice are not accepted as medical evidence and are not FDA evaluated. This is intended for educational purposes only.