Some of you may remember the television movie from the 1970s about a boy named Tod whose immune system did not function properly. Contact with unfiltered air could have killed Tod, so he lived his life in incubator-like conditions. As Tod grew, he wished to see more of the outside world and meet regular people his age. This story rings true for one of my clients.

Case study:

Diego was a sickly child. His immune system was so weak that he caught nearly every virus that was going around school or the neighborhood. He was weak, thin, and his skin tone was pale. As a result, his parents scheduled a consultation with me. They had tried everything to help their son. Diego’s parents were fraught with worry and utter desperation. Because he often had to stay home sick, Diego had missed so much school that he was falling behind in his studies. Diego had grown afraid to play outside with his friends and do normal kid activities such as riding his bike, tossing a football, or playing tag. The entire family was consumed by fear of Diego coming down with yet another fever or the flu.


After taking Diego’s case, we decided to get him started on Calcarea Carbonica 30c once daily. Calc Carb is a gem of a remedy that has an affinity for gently guiding the body to strengthen the immune system. It is made from the calcium in oyster shells and is a useful remedy for physical fatigue, muscle weakness, and problems due to faulty nutrition. Calc Carb can also be used for health problems of growing children who are late in teething and walking and suffer slow growth.

After one month, Diego’s parents enthusiastically reported they noticed changes in his stamina and overall health. Over the coming months and due to SARS CV2 becoming more widespread, Diego continued to receive Calc Carb once daily. 


Diego’s immune system continued to become more robust. His teachers noticed that he wasn’t missing as much school. His doctors even commented that he had not had a “sick office visit” in quite some time. His friends were thrilled they had their friend back outside playing with them. Most importantly, his parents were very much relieved that their son was on a path toward healing and building a strong immune system. 

During my time with this family, Diego’s mother was pregnant with their third child. This time it was a girl. As her delivery date was nearing, they came to me with a request. The parents wanted to name their daughter after me because of the help I had provided to them over the years. After wiping away a few happy tears, I delightedly replied, “Yes, I would be deeply honored and I am so humbled”. 

There’s nothing greater in this world than gifting all ages with their health and well-being.




Disclaimer: Homeopathy doesn’t “treat” an illness; it addresses the entire person as a matter of wholeness that is an educational process, not a medical one. Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice are not accepted as medical evidence and are not FDA evaluated. This is intended for educational purposes only.