Frequently Asked Questions

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a gentle and natural healing method that works with the body’s own capacity to relieve symptoms, restore vitality, and improve overall health. It uses diluted extracts derived from plant, mineral, and animal products to relieve symptoms. Homeopathy can help to strengthen the body to fight acute illnesses such as coughs, colds, cases of flu, sore throats, muscle pains, fevers, etc.  Homeopathy is also effective at addressing chronic conditions such as allergies, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, and even cancer.

Homeopathic medicines have been used worldwide for more than 200 years.  Although homeopathic remedies are derived from natural substances, homeopathy is its own system of medicine. It should not be confused with other natural healing modalities such as essential oils, herbalism, or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The word homeopathy is not an umbrella term that includes other natural therapies.

Homeopathic remedies are affordable, generally available over-the-counter, derived from natural substances, environmentally friendly, and cruelty-free.

For more information, check out our Intro to Homeopathy video

Is Homeopathy safe?

Homeopathic medicines are non-toxic and safe. In fact, many people prefer to use homeopathic remedies as their first line of defense because they are so safe and generally resolve the condition completely. There are no documented injuries or death as a result of taking homeopathic medicines in over 200 years of continuous use. They can be safely taken with other conventional medications or natural healing modalities. The safety and effectiveness of homeopathy are backed by thousands of research studies and clinical trials.  See “Is there scientific research on homeopathy?” in this FAQ for more details.

Is there scientific research on Homeopathy?

Yes!  There is a tremendous amount of scientific research on the effective use of homeopathy for a wide variety of conditions. Homeopathy is a well-developed system of medicine that is both evidence-based and clinically verified.  Positive results from homeopathic treatments have been documented for more than two centuries.  To find out more we recommend you download the Compendium of Homeopathic Research compiled by Americans for Homeopathy Choice and visit the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation for details on worldwide research initiatives using Homeopathy for the treatment of cancer, tuberculosis, viral infections, and more.

Are Homeopathic remedies safe to give to pregnant mothers, infants, and children?

Homeopathic medicines are safe for all ages. There are a few remedies to use under the guidance of a Homeopath if pregnant (Apis, Pulsatilla, and Sepia). Dosage is generally the same for adults and children since the action of the medicines is not dependent on body size. Dissolving remedies in a small amount of water may make it easier to administer to infants and small children.

How are Homeopathic remedies made?

Homeopathic remedies are manufactured in quality-controlled FDA-monitored laboratories according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations.  To best understand how remedies are manufactured we recommend you view the following videos:

Boiron Laboratory

Similasan Laboratory

The remedies are made with lactose or sucrose. Is it safe for diabetic or lactose intolerant persons to use?

Most homeopathic remedies are made with milk sugar.  The small pellets are the delivery system for the remedy as it is sprayed on the outside of the pellets. Boiron, one of the largest manufacturers of homeopathic remedies in the world has stated, that there is no casein in remedies (lactose pellets). 5 pellets contain 42.5 mg of lactose which is 42,000th of a gram of lactose. Because it’s taken sublingually vs swallowing directly into the stomach, there’s less of a chance of a reaction.  If you are still concerned, there are options for taking remedies in a way that dilutes them further. We discuss these options in our Gateway to Homeopathy I study group.

The label on the remedy vial lists a symptom that does not match my symptom, why is this?

Homeopathic medicines address a wide range of symptoms and conditions. This is part of what makes these remedies so remarkable. Only one of the more common indications for its use is listed on the label due to space restrictions. Consulting a Materia Medica will give you a detailed description of all the symptoms the remedy will address. 

How many pellets should I take?

Follow the guidelines on the bottle. Most manufacturers’ recommended dosage is 3-5 pellets.   For pellet sizes that are smaller (poppy sized), the general recommendation is 5-7 pellets.

How do I administer the remedy?

If using remedies manufactured in plastic tubes:

Turn the tube upside down. Remove the small safety seal. Twist the cap until approximately 3-5 pellets dispense in the cap. Carefully remove the cap and pour the pellets directly into a clean mouth.  Allow pellets to dissolve under the tongue.

If using remedies manufactured in glass tubes:

Unscrew the top and carefully tap out or roll the bottle between your fingers to dispense the recommended number of pellets into the cap.  Use the cap to pour pellets into a clean mouth. Allow pellets to dissolve under the tongue.

What if I dispense more pellets than the recommended dose?

This is not a concern as the administration of the pellets is considered the dose, not the number of pellets.  Doing your best to keep to the recommended number of pellets allows you to save money by not having to replace your remedies too soon.

How do I know if I have chosen the correct remedy for my ailment or condition?

If following a suggested Banerji protocol for your ailment, you can rest assured that you have chosen it well.  We teach the Banerji protocols at Homeopathy Haven. These are timed tested protocols that are effective at treating a large percentage of individuals suffering from a given condition.

If there is not a protocol for your condition, it is important to determine the appropriate remedy to ensure successful treatment.  This involves consulting a Repertory and Materia Medica; learning about the keynotes of the remedies through classes or self-study, or working with knowledgeable practitioners. 

At Homeopathy Haven we teach our students keynotes of many widely used remedies in addition to Banerji protocols for specific conditions. We also offer Strategy Sessions to assist you in determining the best course of action to address your specific condition or ailment.

What do the numbers and letters on the tubes mean?

The numbers and letters indicate the potency of the remedy.  Remedies with a C or CK have been diluted 1:100 and remedies with an X have been diluted 1:10. The number indicates how many times the medicine has been diluted.  A 30C indicates that the original remedy has been diluted 1:100, 30 times. The process of manufacturing homeopathic medicines is both scientific and mathematical. While it seems that a highly diluted medicine would lose its potency, in homeopathy this is not the case. We discuss this process in more detail in our Gateway to Homeopathy study groups.

Can I touch homeopathic pellets or tablets with my fingers or hands?

Since the remedy is sprayed on the outside of the pellets, we do not recommend touching the pellets or tablets with your fingers or hands. Doing so may get more of the medicine on your hands and less in your mouth.

Can I overdose on homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted so ingesting more than the recommended dosage will not result in an overdose. In dilutions above 4C or 8X, any toxic properties of the original substance have been removed. We teach our students that potency and frequency matter when addressing your symptoms, therefore we recommend following the directions on the label or following the specific protocol to ensure the best resolution of your symptoms. Do not take more medicine than is recommended and do not continue to take the medicine if your symptoms have resolved.

What is the best way for me to learn more about homeopathy?

At Homeopathy Haven, LLC, we believe the best way to learn more is to join one of our live virtual study groups.  As long-time users and students of homeopathy, we have found that studying in a group setting with like-minded individuals is the best way to understand this powerful and elegant medicine.  We offer introductory and advanced classes, monthly learning groups, strategy sessions, and pre-recorded classes (coming soon). See our Services page for more details.

What else do you lovely ladies do?

We are so glad you asked!  While we believe that a home armed with Homeopathy is genuinely a Haven, we also believe that our toolboxes need to be comprehensive and well-equipped. We feel nutrition, herbs, chiropractic, acupuncture, and other natural methods are also beneficial.  Collectively we offer Functional Health Coaching, Holistic Life Coaching, Energy Healing, Gemmotherapy, and general lifestyle consulting. If you don’t see what you need on our website, just ask.  We are more than willing to work with our students to design a program or package that fits your needs.

What is the College of Practical Homeopathy & how does it relate to Homeopathy Haven?

As Homeopathy Haven expanded its reach, we’ve educated hundreds of students worldwide and delved into individualized consultations with our clients. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of human toxicity in today’s world, we’ve come to appreciate the importance of having a diverse set of tools in our repertoire. Our commitment to ongoing education and diverse offerings remains unwavering.

Over the years, we’ve immersed ourselves in various styles and methodologies, all detailed in our bios on the website. These diverse approaches are seamlessly integrated into our teachings and consultations. In 2023, our journey led us to discover the College of Practical Homeopathy, prompting both of us to enroll in their programs. We resonate deeply with their robust, profound approach that encourages unconventional thinking – a crucial element in addressing contemporary challenges and illnesses.

Explore our insights further in a recorded webinar featuring the Founder, Ellen Kramer, and Director, Som Jandu, as they articulate the vision and distinctive teaching approach of Practical Homeopathy*. With over 30 years of establishment, the College of Practical Homeopathy is reshaping the landscape and practice of Homeopathy on a global scale.

*The College of Practical Homeopathy (UK) and The Academy of Practical Homeopathy (US) are distinct programs, operating independently of each other and employing different approaches to Homeopathy. Homeopathy Haven endorses and integrates both methodologies into their teachings and client services.

Learn more here CPH Meets Homeopathy Haven