Grown + Flown Workshop


Do you have a college-bound student or perhaps a young adult joining the military?

Or you’re moving your young adult into a place of their own?

Have your kids heard you rave about the benefits of Homeopathy, yet don’t wish to learn about it from you?

We’ve got you covered!


Moving away from home is considered a rite of passage to many, but to us, it’s an excellent opportunity to educate and inspire young adults about Homeopathy! 


We want them not only to survive but also thrive being out there on their own.


We discuss a brief history of homeopathy, the laws of homeopathy, what is Practical Homeopathy, how to dose for acute conditions, when to stop or switch a remedy, top remedies to consider adding to your young adult’s  “away from home” kit, and much, much more.


Allow us to share with you and your loved ones all the benefits of using homeopathy for their acute conditions while they are away from home.

Investments: $149 

Included in your purchase:

  • Link to RECORDED Grown + Flown workshop (self-paced study)


  • Downloadable color slides which include:
    • Brief history + Laws of cure
    • Purchasing, Dosing + Storing
    • Acute Ailments + First Aid
    • Overwork / Insomnia / Stress
    • Colds / The Flu / Fevers
    • Covid-19
    • Combinations


  • Printables include:
    • Protocol reference chart
    • Remedy shopping list
    • Headache chart
    • Cold / The Flu chart
    • Traumatic Man chart


If you are new to homeopathy, Homeopathy Haven, LLC, or the Banerji method of homeopathy, please review our free Intro to Homeopathy video.

The link is provided in your purchase receipt and can be found on our FAQ page:

It is highly recommended that you watch this video prior to proceeding with this class.


Please read the fine print: Participation is for educational purposes only. None of the information exchanged should be construed as medical advice. 

Refund policy RECORDED class: You will be given access to the course materials upon purchase. For this reason, we do not offer refunds for recorded classes.


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