Skin, The Ugly Truth Study Group

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Have you purchased Skin, The Ugly Truth, but haven’t had the time to study?
Are you seeking to find a group of like-minded students to break down the material with you?


We will gather weekly to discuss one lesson from Skin, The Ugly Truth. We will dive deeper into the protocols, share personal experiences, work through case studies, and offer additional tips on how to handle all things SKIN.


2024 Dates & Times:

TBA: Fall 2024


What will you receive by enrolling in our class?

Rich group discussion by learning together

Detailed lesson handouts with notes + protocols

Protocols organized by symptoms for easy, quick reference

Skin, The Ugly Truth shopping list

Case Study examples

and in the end, you will FINISH the course! 


Investment:   $99 


Alternate payment method:



Who can attend? 

Students who have purchased Skin, The Ugly Truth:

*Must show proof of purchase.



Students will be required to listen to the lesson prior to our group meeting.

*An understanding of Practical Homeopathy is necessary to maintain the level of learning.


Please read the fine print: 

Participation is for educational purposes only. None of the information exchanged should be construed as medical advice. The decision to permit alumni to retake classes is within the exclusive purview of Homeopathy Haven, LLC.


Refunds must be requested 72 hours prior to the 1st class. *Once our Welcome Letter has been emailed to you, there will be NO refunds.

2 reviews for Skin, The Ugly Truth Study Group

  1. Linda DeSanders (verified owner)

    This is the 2nd time I have been through the SKIN class. The first time I purchased this class and it was the 2nd course I took from Lisa and Kelly. I had ongoing gut issues when I found Homeopathy so the first class I took was Good Gut- Bad Gut. That was an awesome class because Lisa and Kelly present it in a very organized and logical manner. They also provide lots of handouts, remedy lists, and case studies with actual photos. I then proceeded to do 3 strategy sessions with Lisa and Kelly to really tackle the gut and skin issues I had struggled with for years. Each time we met I learned more and got further down the road with healing my gut. And wouldn’t you know, as my gut healed, so did my skin issues since they are intimately tied together. I highly recommend both this Skin class and the Gut class with these two ladies. They are both very experienced and share their own personal struggles and family issues that they have solved using Homeopathy. Thank you both, Lisa and Kelly, from the bottom of my heart!

  2. Peg Papanek (verified owner)

    Yet another great class with Lisa. I had purchased Joette Calabrese’s ‘Skin, The Ugly Truth’ course in May 2022 but due to life circumstances was delayed in completing the course. Having taken other study group classes with Homeopathy Haven, I decided it was time to finish the Skin course. Fast forward to today (May 2023) and I have now completed the study group class and Joette’s course, yay! Another Joette course completed with the aid of Homeopathy Haven!

    Kelly and Lisa’s classes bring great clarity to whatever course content they teach. They take volumes of information and condense it down into a well-organized format that make sense. I enjoy their “straight to the point” teaching style because it helps me to learn more easily. With all of the downloadable extras they provide with each course, I feel more and more prepared for whatever may come my way. And, I love knowing I’ll be able to quickly find what I need when I need it because all of the information they provide is so well-organized.

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