“Lisa and Kelly clearly and practically explained what I needed to know about practicing homeopathy for myself and my family through their Gateway to Homeopathy course. They readily answered questions and provided a firm foundation that gave me the confidence I needed. I plan to take additional courses with them and highly recommend Homeopathy Haven to everyone—especially people who want to take control of their health.”

Tanya K.

“Lisa and Kelly of Homeopathy Haven are two highly knowledgeable educators with a passion to support and encourage families. Their homeopathy classes are excellent and I have learned so much. I HIGHLY recommend their classes and services.”

Mandi F.

“Great classes taught by two genuinely caring, smart, and fun ladies. Kelly and Lisa are fantastic. I learned more about Practical Applications from this course and was able to more gracefully heal up from a cold that came our way recently. This class is at the top of my recommendation list for anyone wanting a solid intro into Homeopathy and how to use it for anything from allergies, accidents to Colds and the Flu, just for starters. Take it you’ll be glad you did.”

Heather W.

“This is a great class! Lisa and Kelly complement each other beautifully with very different personalities. They add a wealth of knowledge and guidance to the basic course outline.”

Gabby B.

“This class was a joy to participate in. Kelly and Lisa are wonderful teachers! Their knowledge of the topic of Practical Homeopathy, general knowledge about (alternative) health, and experience treating family and friends (especially their own children) gave them a competency to teach and facilitate Gateway I. I have no doubt Gateway II will be equally insightful.”

Sara T.

“Kelly and Lisa you are a very complimentary duo in teaching. Your level of professionalism is exceptional. I love how you make everyone feel welcome and comfortable to ask any question. For folks out there who may be sitting on the fence about if they should take this course or not, I highly recommend you take it. Kelly and Lisa are great and will be there for you every step of the way.”


“I have taken two Homeopathy classes with these ladies. They do a nice job of sharing the teaching each week so that one is monitoring chat questions and ensuring everyone gets answers. They both have lots of practical experience beyond the class material and are very generous about sharing. You will learn and enjoy the process”.

Karen O.

“Kelly and Lisa are well informed about Practical Homeopathy and are excellent for teaching classes to anyone who wants to learn homeopathy and how to take care of their families and friends. They are well organized, have backed research, and present the material in a well-organized way. I enjoy their classes because I always learn something new about homeopathy, an alternative medicine practice that works without any side effects.”

Misty S.

“Kelly & Lisa were instrumental in helping me get started with Homeopathy. I loved taking their GWI class! They were professional and gave so much of themselves to me. I’ve already recommended their class to all my friends and family who will listen!”

Rachel K.

“I would highly recommend this Gateway to Homeopathy class. Lisa and Kelly are generous w/ their time and honest sharing of their real-life experiences as Moms. 2 Leaders are better than 1!”

Kelly C.

“Kelly and Lisa make Joette’s material come alive with plenty of real-life day to day experiences. Whether you are completely new to homeopathy or not, there is so much to learn and take in. I was always left feeling like I had just received really useful and useable knowledge that just makes me love homeopathy even more.”

Ivonne P.

“I loved the class it was very informative and personable. I look forward to learning more from Lisa and Kelly.”

Vicki R.

“Kelly and Lisa are delightful, informative, thorough teachers. I just finished two classes with them this spring, and it gave me a thorough overview and understanding of homeopathy in general. They were attentive to our questions, and if there ever was a question they did not have the answer to – they would research and give us information per email or in the following week. I have personally also been able to reach out to both of them with questions about my own studies or health, and they have responded with detail, grace, and knowledge. I am so grateful for them both and look forward to many more classes to come. I highly recommend their classes and expertise.”

Kari J.

 “I’ve taken several classes with these two smart ladies. They are articulate and thorough in their delivery of information. There is quick response time and are always willing to help guide your way in a positive manner.”

Sue S.

“Kelly and Lisa have a warm style of teaching that just makes you want to learn more. They both have an excellent grasp of homeopathy and are a joy to learn from.”


“Lisa and Kelly, thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with your students in these classes! It was a great experience! Thanks so much!”

Adrienne D.

“I didn’t know much about homeopathy before taking Gateway to Homeopathy, but now I feel confident in using it with my family and friends. I have already had many successes since taking the class. Thank you so much.”

Christy P.

“I feel grateful to have been able to be in Kelly and Lisa’s Gateway I and II classes. They have a great deal of personal experience using homeopathy with their families and we were able to benefit from all the things they’ve learned. They offer an added benefit that we can retake Gateway I and II from them as often as we want, once we’ve completed them the first time. Kelly and Lisa are both very personable and kind and go out of their way to help us with our questions.”

Rose S.